We here at Grand Master Bridge offer many unique and in-depth courses on the game of bridge. These courses range in difficulty from beginner to expert! Our courses also come in many different formats. From pre-recorded 10 lesson video series, weekly live zoom sessions and once off seminars.

We also run a Playing Club every Monday to Friday. Access to our playing club is sold here on our site. We play bridge matches using Bridge Base Online with members of the Grand Master Bridge community who buy access to our Playing Club. This provides you with a unique opportunity to put into practice the skills you will learn through our video lessons, live sessions and seminars.

And for those of you who frequently use our services, discount memberships are also on offer! You can pick up our Bridge Club membership for the low price of €10 per month. This membership provides a 10% discount on our pre-recorded lessons, live zoom sessions and seminars. It also provides a 33% discount off the price to access the Playing Club games.

If you want to learn about bridge, in a way that suits you, then you have come to the right place! Check out our various course offerings and memberships using the menu to the left.